Skican Quality Ski Holidays

Skican's Ski Escapes 2018

At Skican the urge to explore (and have fun!) is inherent and we believe that a ski vacation should be rewarding, hassle-free (and fun!). In keeping with this spirit, we are happy to offer SKI ESCAPES: Hosted Group Trips.

A SKI ESCAPE trip combines comfortable lodging, good eats, and amazing skiing, at a value price. You will be in the company of a small but diverse group of like-minded travelers, who like to get outside and be active. We promise a fun and supportive experience.

We can't wait to 'escape' with many of you!

Check out our FAQ to answer any additional questions that you may have.

What participants have said...

"Tremendous value for cost. Loved the accommodation and all. A great balance of a few structured events with the rest of the trip open-ended. Loved having a place to gather informally over snacks/meals

"The cost was very cheap for the value. The accommodations were the best possible. The skiing was excellent. But the best part was the wonderful people you recruited to come on the trip."

"Loved the entire trip. Everything was so well organized and we did not have to think."

"I would be hard-pressed to find ways to improve the trip. Creating opportunities for the group to get together outside of skiing, I think, was critical to the success. These gatherings created an opportunity for people to bond."

"It was quite perfect."

"Great trip. Excellent value. IF nothing were to change I would still do it again."

"The cost and the great accommodation were the big draws for me to sign up, but it is the friends I met who will keep me coming back. I really enjoyed meeting all the nice people. The skiing was wonderful as well."

"Social interaction was a key reason to sign up for the trip - went beyond expectations! The trip provided huge value from a cost perspective!"