Skican Quality Ski Holidays

A message from Karen Nasmith, President of Skican

We are passionate winter sports enthusiasts who first learned to snowplow on the slopes of the Appalachians, the
Laurentians, and the Niagara Escarpment - from Batawa to Adanac, Dagmar to Boler, Osler to Morin Heights, Mont
Cascades to Martok. We are experts in icy conditions, survivors of -30 celsius, and strategists on Highway 400, at
the lift or in the lunch line.

As toddlers, our parents tied a rope around our waist and pointed our skis downhill. We took lessons in the Nancy
Greene ski school, playing in snow banks until long after sundown. In high school, we raced with the Ravens and the
Snowhawks in bell bottom ski pants and fluorescent Sun Ice jackets. And as university students, we gravitated to
resorts that let us ski for free if we made our own way to the trailhead, or worked as lifties at our favourite resorts
in Canada, South America, Europe and Japan. Over the years we have raced with elite teams, directed Ski Schools,
pursued graduate degrees and raised children. Returning to the roots of our ski stories, we are now introducing the
next generation to our local hills.

We are Skican. Eastern-based skiers who know what a treat it is to have time away, who understand the
dedication required to get to your mountain, and the pure joy that surely awaits. We have been, and are, in your
shoes. We are: Catherine, Sylvie, Jeffrey, Chris, Adam, Dave, Brenna, Sarah, Dave, Grace, Jen, Sarah, Jack
John and Karen. We look forward to working with you this season.


Robin Nasmith: Founder of Skican Ltd. with daughter Karen Nasmith, President.

Robin Nasmith: Founder of Skican Ltd. with daughter Karen Nasmith, President.