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Megève Ski Resort | France

A timeless, authentic French ski town.

Megève is a traditional Haute-Savoie village with a rich history as a market town for local farmers, which later grew into one of France’s first ski resorts. The village is built around a historic medieval-style square, with narrow streets, fountains, and other trademarks of Alpine architecture. 

The first skiing competition was held in Megève as early as 1914. In 1933, the first cable car was constructed solely for the use of skiers on the nearby mountain. Today, Megève continues to be one of the premier skiing destinations in France, well-known for its gastronomic offerings and several Michelin-starred restaurants.

Mountaineer and journalist, Mathilde Maige Lefournier once famously remarked that, “I think Megève was created for skiing and skiing was invented for Megève.” There is no doubt that there are few European resorts with the distinguished history of Megève. Plan your trip today to experience the unique atmosphere of this resort for yourself


Congratulations on selecting Megève as your Skican vacation destination! Although Megève is best known for its terrific skiing/riding, the area offers plenty of additional activities for you to enjoy during your stay.

Cross-Country Skiing

Nordic skiing is a special sport for Megève. Each year, the Sports Club hosts events for an ever-growing number of cross-country skiers. With 3 cross-country skiing areas and 45 km of tracks, the Megèvan slopes are suitable for all levels and styles of this sport. Their ski areas wind through pine forests and sunny plateaus, offering trails groomed for both classic and skate skiing, from beginner trails to very technical trails for experienced skiers.

Hiking & Snowshoeing

From family walks in the heart of the village to pedestrian or snowshoeing altitude trails, Megève has a wide range of trails for both winter hiking and snowshoeing. Discover the local landscape, experience the beautiful scenery of the French Alps, and enjoy a picnic straight from a backpack or have a tasty meal in high altitude restaurants.

Ski Touring

Leave your tracks in the wide open spaces of snow on the slopes near Megève. Discover peace and fulfillment in the beauty of the mountains far from the crowded ski lifts. The effort you put into the ascent will be matched by the pleasure of the descent in the beautiful, wild setting of the French Alps.


Try the pleasures of gliding, from discovery flight to initiation. Choose from a range of options, between a simple flight over the Megève Valley, lasting 15 to 25 mins, to reaching a mountain summit and flying down. Longer flights to discover the entire valley are also available. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying, then paragliding is for you!

Sports Centre

A true aquatic paradise, the sports centre offers a multitude of activities, including an ice rink, fitness gym, an Olympic swimming pool, saunas, and more. Enjoy time alone, or with family and friends after your day on the slopes.


Megève is one of the top ambassadors of local mountain gastronomy, offering a wide variety of tastes to excite your taste buds. The village is surrounded by 45 local farms and includes 89 restaurants, including 3 Michelin-starred restaurants. Throughout the year, you can also see both locals and tourists wind their way through the stalls of Megève’s famer’s market.

*Skican does not endorse these activities and you undertake them at your own risk.