Skican Quality Ski Holidays

Introducing the New Skican

Skican has been part of my life, all of my life. My father, Robin Nasmith, created Skican in 1969 when he was a 29-year-old engineer. Inspired by the innovative spirit and optimistic outlook of Expo 67, a defining moment for his generation, anything seemed possible. Robin recognized that the Canadian West had some of the best skiing in the world. He felt that eastern Canadians needed to experience for themselves the spectacular beauty of the west. Adventure beckoned in our own backyard.

At the time it was cheaper to fly from Toronto to the Swiss Alps than to the Canadian Rockies. So Robin called up Quebecair and brokered the first chartered ski vacation flights in Canada (the major airlines weren’t interested at the time - they felt it was too risky, although all airlines would later follow suit). It was a bold move and it redefined the industry. So Skican began.

Years later Skican is building a more streamlined and responsive way of doing business – and we look forward to continuing to work with you. Our plan is to return to our grassroots by understanding what skiers and snowboarders are looking for when booking their next vacation. At Skican we believe that the urge to explore is inherent in human nature, and that the experience should be rewarding and enriching. And that’s why I’m delighted to be where I am, as the new president of Skican. My most recent Skican trip was to Whistler with my children. Like me, they love ski trips and have many more to look forward to. So do you. They are, you are, the future of Skican.

The way we see it, putting together ski vacations is an opportunity to create joy. So here’s to a joyful 2017/18 ski season.



P.S. - If you have a Skican memory you would like to share, we would love to hear it! Please email us.

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Robin Nasmith: Founder of Skican Ltd. with daughter Karen Nasmith, President.