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Have a safer trip with All-inclusive travel protection

You’re almost set to hit the slopes on your next trip – how exciting! Before packing up your skis, make sure you’re prepared if your travel plans hit a snag. Having travel insurance can make all the difference, as one traveller learned when a ski run took her on an unexpected turn.

After taking a spill while skiing in BC, Linda was taken to the hospital by ambulance to be examined. While her doctor said she’d be fine, she would have to miss the last half of her $1,460 trip. Plus, her $530 ambulance ride wasn’t covered by her provincial health plan, so it was up to her to pay the bill. Fortunately, she had All-inclusive protection, which covered her medical expenses, the cancelled portion of her trip and emergency travel home. The cost of her All-inclusive plan* was only $119.

* An All-inclusive Plan for US residents is made up of the Trip Cancellation Select with Visitors to Canada plan. Rates will vary.

Why travel insurance is a must-have for your trip

If this happens……our All-inclusive package plan has you covered with:
You get sick or have an accident while travelling Up to $5 million in Emergency Hospital & Medical protection
You miss your flight or connection due to snowy conditions, mechanical failure or a schedule change Trip interruption benefits before and after departure
Your skis are lost or delayed Coverage for lost, stolen or delayed baggage
You have to cancel your trip because a family member or travel companion becomes ill Coverage for non-refundable pre-paid travel costs if you need to cancel unexpectedly before or during your trip
You need to return home early due to an unexpected emergency 24/7 access to multi-lingual emergency assistance worldwide

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Ask your Skican professional about travel insurance that’s best fit for your next ski holiday.