A message from Karen Nasmith 2023

June, 2023

Greetings! There are still a few in the Skican community pointing their skis downhill or stomping the landing at Sunshine (closing May 24) and Palisades Tahoe (July!). And a few keeners (you know who you are) heading to Chile this summer on the first Ski Escape of 23/24. Wow, what an amazing time to be a skier.

And …

As a company, we are reflecting on this come-back year and we will fully admit that this year did not go off without its share of ‘glitches’. There were considerable lost baggage issues, sky-high airfare, and pent-up demand that sometimes made securing hotel rooms tough. As a company, we were shaking off the Covid cobwebs and with this in mind, we want to ‘Thank You’ for your support, patience, and feedback. We are humbled.

As the person at the helm of Skican this was a milestone year for me as I crossed the “50” threshold back in the fall. The nice thing about a big birthday is that you are in good company – all your old childhood friends are turning the same age, so there’s a groundswell of good times to be had. My theme was to say “YES” to everything. As a result, I one hundred percent overextended myself AND logged hours and hours with the people important to me. In addition, I experienced skiing in the Dolomites which turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life (Just do it. The food, the wine, the scenery, the culture … enough said).

The point I’m trying to make with this (over?) sharing, is that what I learned this year is that when you say “YES” it’s rather astounding how things start to fall into place. When you change your context to one of possibility, instead of residing in limitations, doors open. To bring this back to Skican, and what this means not just to me personally, but to our company, and our commitment to you as a client: we are more aligned than ever in providing transformational mountain experiences. “Let’s make this happen” will be our North Star and we will do this by searching out ways to make your desires a reality.


So where do we go from here, and what’s in store for 2023-24

We are doubling down on providing you with the mind-blowing value, guidance/expertise you need to have the greatest ski & snowboard adventure.

What will this look like?

· Clear and timely communication about how to get the most value for your hard-earned dollars

· A smoother Service experience from ‘Dream, Plan, Chat, Book, Pack N’Go’

· Bucket list coaching and expertise

· Our best lineup ever of Ski Escape destinations including Canadian powerhouses (Revelstoke, Silver Star, Red Mountain, and Banff Lake Louise) and international superstars (Dolomites, Chile, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Japan)

· And This is just the beginning, and we are excited to do this with you


Dolomites Dream Team February 2023


If you have any questions/ideas/feedback you would like to share with Skican, please contact Jen Kyles, Director of Marketing, to start the conversation. Let’s make next season, next level.



Karen Nasmith


Skican team retreat in Sun Peaks, BC