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The Alaskan Basecamp for Adventure

“Alyeska” is an Aleut word meaning “Great land of the white to the east”. This resort is a playground for all levels of skiers and riders, located just 40 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska, in Chugach State Park. Alyeska offers glacier-filled vistas and rare Northern Lights sightings. The mountain is home to a 60-passenger aerial scenic tram with panoramic views, 1,610 acres of varied terrain, 76 trails, and over 669 inches of snow annually. It has beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert terrain with 52% of its terrain weighted towards the advanced intermediate skier.

Alyeska Resort is Alaska’s premier year-round destination, featuring over 300 rooms, a saltwater pool, and the new Nordic Spa. It is the perfect base camp for endless adventure and relaxation.

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Alyeska | Alaska Specials & Ski Escapes


Congratulations on selecting Alyeska as your Skican vacation destination! Although Alyeska is best known for its terrific skiing/riding, the area offers plenty of additional activities for you to enjoy during your stay.

Thrilling Glacier Hikes

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Alaskan wilderness with a guided glacier hike. Explore ancient ice formations, crystal-clear blue crevasses, and stunning panoramic views that will leave you breathless. This unforgettable adventure promises a truly unique and intimate encounter with nature.

Northern Lights Tours

Be mesmerized by the dancing ribbons of light in the night sky during an enchanting Northern Lights tour. Far from city lights, Alyeska provides the perfect backdrop for witnessing this celestial phenomenon, painting the darkness with vibrant hues of green, pink, and purple.


Alyeska Resort offers a diverse range of dining options to cater to its guests' tastes and preferences. The renowned Seven Glaciers Restaurant, situated atop the Alyeska Aerial Tramway, provides an upscale dining experience with breathtaking views and contemporary Alaskan cuisine, emphasizing fresh seafood and local ingredients. For a more casual atmosphere, visitors can enjoy The Pond Cafe, located in the hotel, serving a variety of dishes from soups and salads to burgers and pasta. Sakura Asian Bistro satisfies cravings for Japanese cuisine, featuring sushi, sashimi, and Teppanyaki grill dining. The Sitzmark Bar & Grill serves as a popular après-ski spot with pub-style food and live entertainment.

Dog Sledding Adventures

Feel the thrill of mushing through snow-covered trails while being pulled by a team of spirited huskies. Learn about the fascinating history of dog sledding and connect with these friendly canines during an authentic Alaskan dog sledding adventure.

Whale Watching Excursions

Embark on an extraordinary marine expedition as you venture into the waters off Alyeska's coast for a breathtaking encounter with magnificent humpback whales. Witness these gentle giants breach and play, while taking in the majestic splendor of the Alaskan fjords.

Hot Springs Retreat

After days of adventure, unwind and rejuvenate in one of Alyeska's natural hot springs. Let the soothing, warm waters melt away your stress as you take in the surrounding wilderness. Visiting the hot springs in Alyeska is a truly magical experience that allows you to connect with nature, unwind in therapeutic waters, and create lasting memories of your Alaskan adventure.

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