Grindelwald & Wengen | Jungfrau Ski Region in Switzerland

The top of Europe.

The unique topography of the Jungfrau Region make it one of the world's most desirable ski destinations. The three famous peaks of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau rise majestically towards the sky, while at their feet lie the picturesque villages of Grindelwald and Wengen. When you see it, you will understand why it is called ‘the top of Europe’.

In the Jungfrau Region, snow enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of activities in a spectacular setting. This winter paradise offers everything you could desire, from gentle slopes to steep drops, snow and fun parks to racing tracks, and limitless powder. With over 200 km of ski slopes, as well as 100 kms of footpaths and toboggan runs to explore, you’ll never run out of fresh terrain.

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Grindelwald & Wengen | Jungfrau Ski Region in Switzerland Specials & Ski Escapes


Congratulations on selecting Grindelwald as your Skican vacation destination! Although the Jungfrau Region is best known for its terrific skiing/riding, the area offers plenty of additional activities for you to enjoy during your stay.

Winter Hiking

Hiking in winter has a particular appeal. On prepared paths, all you can hear is the scrunch of your shoes. It's a lot more peaceful to stomp along the soft whiteness wearing snowshoes. Off the beaten track of the hustle and bustle of the pistes, snow hikers between Mürren, Männlichen and Grindelwald are immersed in enchanting winter landscapes surrounded by solemn silence.


With snowshoes on your feet, the winter forests and alpine pastures can be experienced differently on remote paths. Try the variety of trails available in the Jungfrau region near Grindelwald, including the Mürren Trail and the Holenstein-Brandegg trail. Sink into contemplation of the magnificent scenery of the Swiss Alps.


No matter what appeals to sledging fans, they will find all their tastes catered for in the Jungfrau region near Grindelwald. Those who enjoy tactical manoeuvres take the fox run next to the Lauberhorn route to Wengen. Enthusiasts who appreciate sledging diversity will find it in Mürren and on Männlichen. Persevere in the hike from Grindelwald-First to Faulhorn and you'll be rewarded with the longest descent in the world. And those who are really lusting after adventure must take to the Eiger run - at night.

Snowpark & Bagjump

The Snowpark Grindelwald-First offers amazing terrain for freeskiers and snowboarders. The park includes a 130-metre halfpipe and two sides with different degrees of difficulty. Skiers and riders can slide over the straight box or take off from the corner and from other kickers there.

While you’re there, take a deep breath and try the bagjump. The 15 x 15 metre high and 3.5 metre thick air cushion is located directly next to the mountain station. The bagjump is open to visitors of all ages and stature

PistenBully Rides

Are the black slopes no longer a challenge? Then it is time to ride them at night, and on caterpillars instead of skis. As a co-pilot of the slope preparer, climb steep slopes in the dark and watch as the machines pulverise lumps and move snow masses — this is a different way to ride!

First Flyer & First Glider

Did you know that the golden eagle will swoop down on its prey at over 300 kilometres per hour? When riding the First Flyer or First Glider, humans can compete with the fastest birds. Perfectly secured in the stable harness, up to four people can whiz along this 800 metre long steel cable from First to Schreckfeld at up to 84 kilometres per hour. In some places, they hover approximately 50 metres above the snow. Even the golden eagle would be envious.

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