St. Anton am Arlberg | Austria

The Cradle of Alpine Skiing

Arlberg is the largest interconnected ski area in Austria and one of the five largest ski resorts worldwide. Featuring 305 kilometers of spectacular downhill skiing, take the opportunity to experience the legendary Arlberg for yourself and explore a unique and historic winter paradise.

Located approximately 120 km west of Innsbruck, in the heart of Austria's Tyrolean Alps, Arlberg is made up of a network of ski villages. From sporty St. Anton and Stuben, to sophisticated Lech and Zürs, to prestigious but tiny St. Christoph, and as far as Warth and Schröcken, the area boasts an impressive number of summits and diverse terrain for beginners and pros alike.

Choose from big verticals, long runs, and everything in between, and you’ll quickly discover why Arlberg is indisputably one of the best Austrian ski areas and a true world-class destination. The resort features more than 200 km of deep snow runs, 88 state-of-the-art cableways, and is located in one of the most reliably snowy regions in the Alps. Welcome to Arlberg!

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St. Anton, St. Christoph, and Stuben

Served by 88 ultra-modern ski lifts, St. Anton, St. Christoph, and Stuben are located at 1,304, 1,800, and 1,407 meters above sea level respectively. These ski villages gives winter sports enthusiasts a breath-taking view of the impressive mountain scenery of the Tyrolean Alps.

Lech, Oberlech, and Zürs

Between the middle peaks of the Tyrolean alps is the skiing region of Lech, Oberlech and Zürs.. Countless opportunities for winter sports are waiting, both on the wide slopes and in lofty powder-snow regions. 

These villages are located in the middle of the Arlberg ski area and are connected via gondola to the adjacent towns of St. Anton, St. Christoph, and Stuben, as well as Warth and Schröcken. In the middle of the skiing fun, they are a perfect base for your explorations.

Warth and Schröcken

In 1894, the Warth ski pioneer Pastor Müller was the first to ski along the long road to Lech Zürs. Today, modern lifts ensure a direct connection between these neighbouring villages and offer world-class skiing in Austria’s largest interconnected ski area. Enjoy the special atmosphere in the cosy mountain villages of Warth and Schröcken.

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Congratulations on selecting Arlberg as your Skican vacation destination! Although this ski area is best known for its terrific skiing/riding, the area offers plenty of additional activities for you to enjoy during your stay.

Heli Skiing

Climb into a helicopter and let your powder snow adventure begin! In the Arlberg ski area, heliskiing gives you that deep powder snow grin you’ve been missing — regardless of whether your face already has a few wrinkles or if you still have to earn them. From on high, find your own line, plunge into powder snow up to your hips, and enjoy every turn.

Cross Country Skiing

The Arlberg ski area offers a varied network of cross-country ski trails, including over 27 kilometres of prepared tracks for both classic and skating style skiing. Flat terrain and gentle climbs, crisp mountain sprints, and short downhill runs will allow you to experience the fresh mountain air of the Tyrolean Alps.


Need a break from skiing as a family? Away from slopes and deep snow runs, there is a special realm dedicated to those who love the toboggan. 

Kilometres of tracks — fast, comfortable or thrilling with curves and hills — offer extraordinary winter delights that not even sunset can put a stop to. Once the winter wonderland sinks into the soft colours of twilight, it is time for evening tobogganing — a unique experience showing the Arlberg from a completely different perspective.


Arlberg has always been a magnet for many kinds of winter sports. With its first rate snowparks, this alpine skiing region has long since become a mecca for the freestyle scene. While the beginners try their first tricks, the experts are making skilful jumps at impressive heights, leaving the spectators amazed. Try out these snow parks for yourself on your visit to Arlberg! 

Run of Fame

On the Run of Fame, skiers can go on a new, spectacular ski circuit through the entire Ski Arlberg skiing area. The 85-kilometer-long circuit with an 18,000 metre difference in altitude runs from St. Anton/Rendl via Zürs and Lech to Warth and back again, and is dedicated to those ski pioneers and stars from sport and film who once sashayed on skis down these snowy slopes and left their marks behind.

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