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This predominantly French-speaking province offers one of Canada’s most diverse and storied landscapes. Originally considered part of New France, Québec is referred to as La Belle Province and is home to many popular Canadian ski resorts. Unlike the big mountain alpine experience of BC and Alberta, Québec’s ski resorts are generally below treeline, with the trails being lined with trees from top to bottom. Boasting the largest winter Carnival in the world, Québécois know how to embrace winter. The friendly hospitality, European feel and excellent local cuisine are major draws for skiers and snowboarders spending their ski vacation in Quebec.

Skican offers many destination vacations in Quebec. Choose from Mt. Tremblant, Mte. Ste Anne and Le Massif... just to name a few. More detailed information regarding skiing options in la belle province, please place a call to Skican 1.888.475.4226