Senior Experience Manager
Phone: 1 (888) 475-4226 Ext: 282

Marie-Christine Labbe

Senior Experience Manager

Role at Skican:
I love guiding travelers in finding their perfect ski destination that suits both their needs and fulfill their dreams! Nothing better than making people experience the true big mountain ski life!

Favourite Ski Or Mountain Destination:
So many great memories at each resort I’ve been to, to pick only one favourite is almost unfair! My home mountain, Panorama has to win in pair with Revelstoke Mountain Resort. A ski area that has a run for every type of skier is always a winner for me!

Where To Next And/Or What's On Your Bucket List?
Europe is next on the list! Excited to ski the gorgeous and immense French Alps and bring back all the best tricks and tips to Skican so that our customers can have the ski trip of their lives!

How Do You Like To Chill Out/ How Do You Spend Your Spare Time Outside Of Skican?
I spend most of my time on my mountain bike and hiking in the summer and ski touring during the winter months. Exploring my British Columbia backyard is my favourite kind of fun!