Why Banff and Lake Louise is the Best Place for Spring Skiing in 2023

January 16, 2020 Find out why Banff and Lake Louise is one of the best places for spring skiing in North America.
Group of skiers at Banff and Lake Louise in the spring

If you’re a fan of spring skiing, then you’ll quickly discover that there’s no better place for it than Banff and Lake Louise. Famous for its long ski season, the Banff ski resorts offer great snow conditions, mild temperatures, and the incredible beauty of Banff National Park.

There is something different about spring skiing. Whether it’s the laid back attitudes, the shorter lift lines, or the sunny weather, a spring ski vacation is the perfect way to cap off a good season — or usher in a new one with your family.

There are great spring deals on ski trips and plenty of events to enjoy when you arrive. Find out why Banff and Lake Louise is the best place for spring skiing in this blog.

The Long Ski Season

Banff and Lake Louise is proud to offer the longest ski season in Canada. Typically opening in mid-November, The Lake Louise Ski Resort, Sunshine Village, and Mt. Norquay — will often stay open until late May. With the highest elevation of the trio, Sunshine Village offers the longest non-glacial ski season in North America at seven months.

What’s the reason for the extended ski season in Banff? While most other resorts in B.C. close up shop in April, due to poor snow conditions, the Banff area continues to receive steady snowfall for much longer. Thanks to its position on the eastern edge of the Canadian Rockies, the area has an ideal climate for spring skiing and continues to deliver year after year.

The Powder Keeps Coming

Skiing in fresh powder at Banff and Lake Louise

Great snow conditions are another top reason to choose Banff and Lake Louise as your spring skiing destination. While many other ski resorts will get slushy, icy, or skied out by March, Banff continues to get powder days late into the spring months.

If you’re not sold on spring skiing because you think the conditions are going to be poor — think again. Spring skiing in Banff and Lake Louise can be just as great as the rest of the season and we have the pics to prove it. Check out these shots from previous years to get a taste of spring skiing in Banff and Lake Louise.

Mild Temperatures

If you enjoy long sunny days and bluebird skies on the slopes, then spring is the best time to go skiing. Banff and Lake Louise is known for having milder temperatures and sunny weather conditions, especially in the spring — one of the reasons why ‘Sunshine Village’ got its name.

These milder temperatures mean that you can pack less layers and dress down on the slopes. You can also take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy more time relaxing on a deck or patio, soaking in the vitamin D from the sun’s rays. The longer spring evenings mean that bar and restaurants will be open later, allowing you to carry on your après-ski fun well into the evening.

Slopeside Events

Spring is packed with fun events! All of the SkiBig3 resorts will host holiday events for St. Paddy’s Day, Easter, and more. You’ll also find concerts, freeskiing/freeriding competitions, racing series, kids’ events, and much more. Check out these event calendars for more details:

Natural Beauty

Man and woman hiking in Banff National Park in spring

Spring is a great time to visit Banff and Lake Louise. The start of the new season means that Banff National Park will be filled with new wildlife — animals emerging from their dens after the winter, flowers starting to blossom, and new growth.

Discover why Banff National Park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for yourself and experience the natural beauty of Banff and Lake Louise to its fullest. With options to explore on foot, on skis, or on snowshoes, your opportunities to explore this magical destination are endless.

Spring Ski Specials

One of the best things about spring skiing is the savings. At Skican, we offer a variety of late-season ski specials at resorts in Western Canada, including Banff and Lake Louise.

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